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About My Church

Founded in 2016 by Pastor John Valenzuela, MyChurch is a multi-generational, multi-cultural Bible-based church. A loving father as well as a respected teacher and coach, “Coach Val” has devoted over thirty years of his life to serving the Lord and spreading the Gospel.

John started his journey in ministry as an Associate Pastor at his father’s church. The altar at Capilla Del Pueblo became his home for seventeen years. This changed when our Heavenly Father called John to expand the Kingdom through his own church. In 2006, John and his wife Rosanne founded Faith and 5 Stones Bible Church. This mobile church transformed the James Madison High School cafeteria into a sanctuary for worshipping our Savior every week. After three years, Faith and 5 Stones merged with Community Bible Church for four years. Another mobile church, 210Church was John’s next move. In 2016, MyChurch was born.

MyChurch’s name represents our role as God’s Children. Our name reminds each person who enters MyChurch that the Lord looks at us and says, “You are MINE.” Each of our ministries and small groups yield this reminder in their names. Christ loves you no matter what, and we strive to emulate His Heart by doing the same. For the past four years, this church has built a family among our congregants. We may not be perfect, but we serve a perfect God. Sharing in each other’s joys and pains is what we do. At MyChurch, you will find a team who will cheer you on in your successes, warriors who will pray over every battle you face, and soldiers who will fight the Enemy alongside you. As new creations in Christ, we work to modify our lives into God’s desires for our lives. We do this by focusing on Christ, adhering to Biblical principles, and standing together as we enter God’s presence in prayer and worship. Even though we are a mobile church, we acknowledge the importance of connecting through discipleship and fellowship. Aside from weekly church services, we connect through various ministries, small group Bible studies, and even Facebook groups. Our primary goals are to love God and other people and to glorify His Name in everything we do. We teach others of the anointing God has placed on our hearts, knowing that He makes us victorious. We may fight daily battles, but we have victory in Christ’s Name. Because of this, we choose to walk through life courageously and fearlessly.

John Valenzuela and his wife, Rosanne, serve as the Senior Pastors at MyChurch. After years of struggling with infertility, they became the parents of six adopted children and eventually the grandparents of a beautiful baby girl. They enjoy building their team at home and spreading Christ’s love to each person they meet. John is an assistant coach with the men's basketball team at UTSA and assist the San Antonio chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. On the court, he teaches his players the importance of being unified and upholding each other even in the most difficult moments just like we do as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Cynthia “Mel” Potter serves as MyChurch’s Executive Pastor. She serves the church by ensuring that all of the church’s operations fall in line with what the Lord has planned for our church. She oversees the church administration operations. She enjoys building connections with congregants as much as possible to guarantee that everyone feels treasured at MyChurch. Whenever someone is struggling, you can bet that Mel is there to comfort them and offer some love. Like John and Rosanne, she has also molded her three children into following the plans God has for their lives.